If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for a good movie. I am addicted to Lord of the Rings, and have a countdown until The Hobbit comes out. I watch at least one of the 3 movies every day or night. Right now, The Two Towers is on. That’s really the only one they play on cable, and I hate that. They need to play all 3. But, I’m a geek, so I have the extended version on DVD.

Another of my favorites is the original Star Wars series. For the time, the graphics were pretty good. I think if they re-did the first 3 movies today, there would be an overload of CGI to make it “look” good, and in my heart I feel it would ruin the integrity of the films.

My favorite single movies, without sequels, are Jaws and The Goonies. I know Jaws has sequels, but I don’t care for those much. I absolutely LOVE the original. Great story, awesome actors, and the shark was actually pretty good once the creators got past all the mechanical failures.

Don’t get me started on The Goonies. Well, ok, get me started.

The beginning shows the teenage brothers at home pining over the fact that they can’t afford to keep their house because the rich b***h in the town is going to buy everyone out to build a lame golf course. In a town where it rains. A lot. Idiot…The friends of the younger brother show up, wreak havoc in the house and discover a map in the attic. What to do?? Of course, you can guess, they go in search of it, to save the “Goondocks”. Who wouldn’t want to stay with their best friends in a neat town?? They ditch older brother, run out to find treasure, and then big brother finds them. Joined by 2 girls, chased by criminals, this whole movie is a riot from start to finish. I find myself, even after all these years, still cheering through the film, cursing the baddies, hoping against hope that they find the treasure to save the town. I love this movie. Plus, the “truffle shuffle” kills me every time….

I’m not against cartoons either. I love Disney movies, I sing along with them, and still cry at the end of most of them. My favorite is Beauty and the Beast, followed closely by Tangled and The Little Mermaid. How can you not like a chameleon and a crab?? They are just so cute…

I don’t mind scary movies, but I have to be in the mood. I prefer the fantasy types, the based on books kind, i.e. Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter.

I plan to watch more movies as they come out on cable, since it’s hard to find time to go to a theater. Although, at some point, I have to make it to my local one, they serve full meals with the movie…not just popcorn and pretzels. Yeah, I gotta try that.

Gandalf just saved Theoden from Saruman, and Eowyn is crying from happiness. I’m off to watch the rest of this flick…again.



For some reason, I find that if I don’t have at least 6 cups of coffee a day, I’m a miserable cuss. I don’t feel I am addicted, since caffeine has no effect on me other than making my headaches go away. I don’t get the shakes or anything when I don’t have it. I’m just capable of achieving the most painful migraines when I don’t have it. I love the taste, I love the smell, and I love that it fills my belly.

I can drink coffee hot or cold. If my cup of coffee gets cold while it’s sitting there, I will still drink it. If the ice melts in my iced coffee, I’ll still drink it. I’m pathetic…

I like when coffee is flavored. My favorite is Vanilla/Hazelnut. One or the other, even mixed. And if I don’t have my morning coffee in a cup the size of my head, I get sad because I have to keep getting up. Talk about lazy. But I have a specific cup I like to use. It has the name of my college on it, as if they just knew that I needed one to hold my coffee.

Sometimes I get really cranky when my coffee isn’t ready first thing. My poor husband bears the brunt of this, but it’s really not his fault. I just like my coffee when I first get up. Half the time, he doesn’t know when I’m getting up. If he has to wake me up and my coffee isn’t ready, I get mad. I really shouldn’t. He’s a peach because he makes it for me whenever he can. I’m mean about it sometimes, but I shouldn’t be.

I really really love my coffee……

If I go to work for 11am, I bring a travel cup or two with me. When they are empty, I get really sad. It’s not hard to deal with, since I also drink a lot of water. I love Mio added to my water, but that’s another post for another day.

Uh oh…gonna need a refill soon…

Half the time, I spend the day drinking coffee and I forget to eat. Then I go to work and end up not having time to eat…darn coffee.

Whenever we travel, I end up forcing him to let us stop so that I can get myself a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. It is my favorite flavor of Starbucks coffee. They can raise the price to $10 a cup and I’ll still buy it. I’m pathetic. I don’t get any kind of a rush from the Starbucks either, it’s just really tasty. Darn Starbucks…

Hey, look, I know I have a problem, I’m willing to admit it. I love coffee. I am not about to give it up for anything, so get THAT thought out of your heads…but, for now, I think I should get that refill…..

My Book Collection…

Let’s just say it outright. I am a collector of books. All kinds, all ages, all series, it doesn’t matter. If it’s a book, I will want it. I have the entire Harry Potter series, Twilight series, almost every V.C. Andrews book published, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Harlequinn, Silouhette, plus older books, like The Thorn Birds, some Jane Austin, some Bronte, it really is a random collection.

I have read nowhere near all of my books. I wouldn’t be surprised if I haven’t even read half. I’ve read some books 4 and 5 times. I’ve read my Hunger Games series 3 times in 2 weeks. Thankfully, I lent it out to a co-worker, and I’ve only got one of them back. I won’t read it without the other 2 books. So I have moved on.

I am currently reading the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz. I finished the first book, and I do believe I read it once before, possibly borrowed from a library. Now I own the series, as many as I could. I would have had a huge gap in my series if it wasn’t for an ebook. I do not like ebooks, yet I ended up getting it on my iPod. I can’t read the whole series without this one. Plus, there’s another book coming out in a few weeks that I will need to get my hands on, plus the last one that came out. I’m hoping I can get my hands on it…and soon. Though, I have at least 5 books to read before I would get to it.

I am one of those people that can sit for hours upon hours upon hours just reading. I can lose myself in a good book, and be completely lost if it’s REALLY good. The Host by Stephenie Meyer was one of those books. I tuned the whole world out, and found myself IN the story, in my mind. I felt compassion for the main characters, I felt myself in the emotions of Melanie/Wanda. The same is going on with Odd Thomas. I found myself on a roller coaster of emotions, laughing one chapter, and crying the next. I am a wreck when I read. I can go through a bunch of tissues because I get so tuned in to the book. Something that helps this process is good background music. I listen to my iPod when I am reading and it helps me concentrate on the book. I just got the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing Queen songs, and I also listen to Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell 1 and 2. I keep the volume just high enough to block out sound, but not so loud that it keeps me from being in my stories. The best time to read is when the kids are sleeping, or when we’re at the waterpark. They are playing, mommy is sitting in a lawn chair reading and getting a tan. Paradise.

If you find yourself lost in a good book, it doesn’t make you a nerd just because you love to read. And it’s not hard to find time to read. If you are on a long train or bus ride, or a passenger in a car, even in the bathroom, you can find time. Take a hot bubble bath and open a good book. Just relax on the couch after the kids are put to bed and read for an hour or so before you pass out for the night. Reading is something that can keep up your intelligence level without having to go back to school. And keep a thesaurus handy for those hard words…I’ve been lucky so far, but I do own one…

Don’t forget, if you do get lost in a book, don’t forget to hydrate. Don’t lose yourself so bad that you forget to eat or drink. I have my cup of coffee next to me…soon to be replaced with juice. I’ve eaten my dinner, I’ve got baseball on, but I soon will be picking up my Forever Odd book and continuing on the journey of Odd Thomas, wherever it leads us…

Something of a Diet…

Ok, so 35 days ago, I started on a quest to lose weight. So far…not doing well. Only lost 9 pounds. I have extremely good days, and extremely bad days. In one day, I lost 1.6 pounds, 2 days later, I gained 3. To make sure you understand what I am dealing with, I started out at 267 pounds. At one point, I was 293, and lost 26 pounds by not eating. Ever. Now, I’m eating once or twice a day, and trying to exercise. I am not motivated to do so, I don’t have the energy, but I’m counting walking as part of it, plus, sometimes when I get hungry, I do some stomach crunches. That part is recent. I don’t want to resort to snacking like I used to. I would eat 7-8 times a day, regardless of whether I was hungry or not. Now, I force myself OUT of the kitchen and on to the floor doing crunches. Or jumping jacks. I’m monitoring what I’m eating much better. I’m not eating very much junk food, just a lot of fried foods. I can not eat a salad, no matter how much I would like to. It gives me stomach problems that I’m not going to get into on here.

I would love a salad right now…

I do drink between half a pot and a whole pot of coffee every day. There is no way it will ever stop. I have ceased drinking soda. I have a Dew once in a blue moon, and the other day I had 2 DIET Pepsi’s. Naughty…

Last night, I had some radishes with dip I made from this lady that makes mixes locally. It was Spinach and Artichoke flavored. Holy crap, it was awesome. Plus, I love radishes…and I found that the dip was good on fried cauliflower. That is my benefit, flavorful dips with not much fat content or calories. I know fried foods are bad, but I gotta eat something if I can’t have a salad. And I really want a salad…

By monitoring my caloric intake, I can tell myself that I have to stop for the day, and since I started on this thing called Myfitnessplan, I have not gone above my calorie limit more than twice. Twice in 35 days. Not too shabby…there are some days where I only have 1/3 what I’m supposed to have to be healthy. Not good, but if I’m not hungry, I’m not eating. That’s how I roll. I do not recommend this, however, because no two people are alike, and someone else might not tolerate the way I can just not eat for an entire day. So, please, do not follow my example.

As for the exercising thing, I need a severe boost of willpower. I have very little. It’s rough…

So for now, I will leave this post, and hope that people are encouraged by the journey, and will help me through it.

I really want a salad….

First TImer…Intro.

Honestly, I never thought I would start writing a blog of any kind. I didn’t much notice what it was all about, and really didn’t have much time to think about writing one. I’m a facebook addict, and a constant reader. Currently, I’m reading through my Dean Koontz collection of Odd Thomas books.

I have no clue what I should write about in here. If you have a suggestion, please, post in the comments section.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, or ever will be, some kind of famous celebrity. I am a mediocre person, who is just trying to live her life. Married at 20, popped a kid at 21, popped the other one at 29. Started college at 32, graduated at 35 with High Honors. I hold an Associates degree in Criminal Justice, I have yet to find a job with it. I work in a mom/pop pizza shop in a small town. I make decent money there, but not enough to pay my bills. I have 2 cars, one is really my husband’s car, and mine is broken. Again. But that’s for another blog.

I am an avid bowler. I am terrible. Honestly, I am a really horrible bowler. I got a new ball and shoes since I hadn’t bowled in YEARS, and it seems I’m only up to my high school average…barely. The only reason I keep at it is that I LOVE it. I really do love bowling. Even when I do badly, if I break 100, I’m happy. I know the things I do wrong, and try to fix them, but it just doesn’t seem to work. If my knee goes out, or my back is bothering me, I can’t throw the same way twice. Something twinges, or I mis-step, and there it goes. Other times, the ball just falls off my hand. I don’t care, it’s fun. I’m in a league, and we won first place in the first third, so we’re in the playoffs, and what we do now doesn’t matter, I can only try to get better. I’d like at least second place in the playoffs…Not bad for a crappy bowler.

I love sports. Not playing in much, just watching. I’m a bit lazy to play sports, though in high school, I was on the bowling team, captain for a year, played in gym class and was a fairly decent soccer goalie, and loved softball. But I will sit and watch a whole day of baseball without batting an eye. I love watching most sports on television, and I’m a sucker for the Olympics. I cry at the ceremonies, cry when the USA wins something, I just cry a lot with it. The summer Olympics this year is in London, England, and I will be leaving on my vacation one day before the opening ceremonies. How sucky is that…Time to DVR it. My other favorite sports are baseball and hockey. I am a life-long Yankees fan, and recently started watching hockey, and found that I appreciate the local team, the Penguins. I became a fan of the Penguins the year BEFORE they won then Stanley Cup. I watched them lose graciously in the playoffs and followed the progress to the next year when they won. GO PENS!!!

I like watching some television shows, I love Hoarders. It reminds me that I am NOT a hoarder, I am a collector. My house is not mess, not even cluttered really. I just keep a box next to my chair that is overflowing with unread magazines. I don’t have time to read them in a timely manner. But I have them when I want them, and when I finish one, I toss it. My other favorite show is Big Brother, which starts this Thursday at 9pm EST. Happy Anniversary to me, we get to watch BB14!!!

That might be it for now, other posts are to follow. I will talk about my daily life, review products, recommend some and nix others, book reviews, recipes, all kinds of things. Maybe even a rant or two…but for now, peace out.