First TImer…Intro.

Honestly, I never thought I would start writing a blog of any kind. I didn’t much notice what it was all about, and really didn’t have much time to think about writing one. I’m a facebook addict, and a constant reader. Currently, I’m reading through my Dean Koontz collection of Odd Thomas books.

I have no clue what I should write about in here. If you have a suggestion, please, post in the comments section.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, or ever will be, some kind of famous celebrity. I am a mediocre person, who is just trying to live her life. Married at 20, popped a kid at 21, popped the other one at 29. Started college at 32, graduated at 35 with High Honors. I hold an Associates degree in Criminal Justice, I have yet to find a job with it. I work in a mom/pop pizza shop in a small town. I make decent money there, but not enough to pay my bills. I have 2 cars, one is really my husband’s car, and mine is broken. Again. But that’s for another blog.

I am an avid bowler. I am terrible. Honestly, I am a really horrible bowler. I got a new ball and shoes since I hadn’t bowled in YEARS, and it seems I’m only up to my high school average…barely. The only reason I keep at it is that I LOVE it. I really do love bowling. Even when I do badly, if I break 100, I’m happy. I know the things I do wrong, and try to fix them, but it just doesn’t seem to work. If my knee goes out, or my back is bothering me, I can’t throw the same way twice. Something twinges, or I mis-step, and there it goes. Other times, the ball just falls off my hand. I don’t care, it’s fun. I’m in a league, and we won first place in the first third, so we’re in the playoffs, and what we do now doesn’t matter, I can only try to get better. I’d like at least second place in the playoffs…Not bad for a crappy bowler.

I love sports. Not playing in much, just watching. I’m a bit lazy to play sports, though in high school, I was on the bowling team, captain for a year, played in gym class and was a fairly decent soccer goalie, and loved softball. But I will sit and watch a whole day of baseball without batting an eye. I love watching most sports on television, and I’m a sucker for the Olympics. I cry at the ceremonies, cry when the USA wins something, I just cry a lot with it. The summer Olympics this year is in London, England, and I will be leaving on my vacation one day before the opening ceremonies. How sucky is that…Time to DVR it. My other favorite sports are baseball and hockey. I am a life-long Yankees fan, and recently started watching hockey, and found that I appreciate the local team, the Penguins. I became a fan of the Penguins the year BEFORE they won then Stanley Cup. I watched them lose graciously in the playoffs and followed the progress to the next year when they won. GO PENS!!!

I like watching some television shows, I love Hoarders. It reminds me that I am NOT a hoarder, I am a collector. My house is not mess, not even cluttered really. I just keep a box next to my chair that is overflowing with unread magazines. I don’t have time to read them in a timely manner. But I have them when I want them, and when I finish one, I toss it. My other favorite show is Big Brother, which starts this Thursday at 9pm EST. Happy Anniversary to me, we get to watch BB14!!!

That might be it for now, other posts are to follow. I will talk about my daily life, review products, recommend some and nix others, book reviews, recipes, all kinds of things. Maybe even a rant or two…but for now, peace out.


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