Something of a Diet…

Ok, so 35 days ago, I started on a quest to lose weight. So far…not doing well. Only lost 9 pounds. I have extremely good days, and extremely bad days. In one day, I lost 1.6 pounds, 2 days later, I gained 3. To make sure you understand what I am dealing with, I started out at 267 pounds. At one point, I was 293, and lost 26 pounds by not eating. Ever. Now, I’m eating once or twice a day, and trying to exercise. I am not motivated to do so, I don’t have the energy, but I’m counting walking as part of it, plus, sometimes when I get hungry, I do some stomach crunches. That part is recent. I don’t want to resort to snacking like I used to. I would eat 7-8 times a day, regardless of whether I was hungry or not. Now, I force myself OUT of the kitchen and on to the floor doing crunches. Or jumping jacks. I’m monitoring what I’m eating much better. I’m not eating very much junk food, just a lot of fried foods. I can not eat a salad, no matter how much I would like to. It gives me stomach problems that I’m not going to get into on here.

I would love a salad right now…

I do drink between half a pot and a whole pot of coffee every day. There is no way it will ever stop. I have ceased drinking soda. I have a Dew once in a blue moon, and the other day I had 2 DIET Pepsi’s. Naughty…

Last night, I had some radishes with dip I made from this lady that makes mixes locally. It was Spinach and Artichoke flavored. Holy crap, it was awesome. Plus, I love radishes…and I found that the dip was good on fried cauliflower. That is my benefit, flavorful dips with not much fat content or calories. I know fried foods are bad, but I gotta eat something if I can’t have a salad. And I really want a salad…

By monitoring my caloric intake, I can tell myself that I have to stop for the day, and since I started on this thing called Myfitnessplan, I have not gone above my calorie limit more than twice. Twice in 35 days. Not too shabby…there are some days where I only have 1/3 what I’m supposed to have to be healthy. Not good, but if I’m not hungry, I’m not eating. That’s how I roll. I do not recommend this, however, because no two people are alike, and someone else might not tolerate the way I can just not eat for an entire day. So, please, do not follow my example.

As for the exercising thing, I need a severe boost of willpower. I have very little. It’s rough…

So for now, I will leave this post, and hope that people are encouraged by the journey, and will help me through it.

I really want a salad….


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