For some reason, I find that if I don’t have at least 6 cups of coffee a day, I’m a miserable cuss. I don’t feel I am addicted, since caffeine has no effect on me other than making my headaches go away. I don’t get the shakes or anything when I don’t have it. I’m just capable of achieving the most painful migraines when I don’t have it. I love the taste, I love the smell, and I love that it fills my belly.

I can drink coffee hot or cold. If my cup of coffee gets cold while it’s sitting there, I will still drink it. If the ice melts in my iced coffee, I’ll still drink it. I’m pathetic…

I like when coffee is flavored. My favorite is Vanilla/Hazelnut. One or the other, even mixed. And if I don’t have my morning coffee in a cup the size of my head, I get sad because I have to keep getting up. Talk about lazy. But I have a specific cup I like to use. It has the name of my college on it, as if they just knew that I needed one to hold my coffee.

Sometimes I get really cranky when my coffee isn’t ready first thing. My poor husband bears the brunt of this, but it’s really not his fault. I just like my coffee when I first get up. Half the time, he doesn’t know when I’m getting up. If he has to wake me up and my coffee isn’t ready, I get mad. I really shouldn’t. He’s a peach because he makes it for me whenever he can. I’m mean about it sometimes, but I shouldn’t be.

I really really love my coffee……

If I go to work for 11am, I bring a travel cup or two with me. When they are empty, I get really sad. It’s not hard to deal with, since I also drink a lot of water. I love Mio added to my water, but that’s another post for another day.

Uh oh…gonna need a refill soon…

Half the time, I spend the day drinking coffee and I forget to eat. Then I go to work and end up not having time to eat…darn coffee.

Whenever we travel, I end up forcing him to let us stop so that I can get myself a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. It is my favorite flavor of Starbucks coffee. They can raise the price to $10 a cup and I’ll still buy it. I’m pathetic. I don’t get any kind of a rush from the Starbucks either, it’s just really tasty. Darn Starbucks…

Hey, look, I know I have a problem, I’m willing to admit it. I love coffee. I am not about to give it up for anything, so get THAT thought out of your heads…but, for now, I think I should get that refill…..


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