If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for a good movie. I am addicted to Lord of the Rings, and have a countdown until The Hobbit comes out. I watch at least one of the 3 movies every day or night. Right now, The Two Towers is on. That’s really the only one they play on cable, and I hate that. They need to play all 3. But, I’m a geek, so I have the extended version on DVD.

Another of my favorites is the original Star Wars series. For the time, the graphics were pretty good. I think if they re-did the first 3 movies today, there would be an overload of CGI to make it “look” good, and in my heart I feel it would ruin the integrity of the films.

My favorite single movies, without sequels, are Jaws and The Goonies. I know Jaws has sequels, but I don’t care for those much. I absolutely LOVE the original. Great story, awesome actors, and the shark was actually pretty good once the creators got past all the mechanical failures.

Don’t get me started on The Goonies. Well, ok, get me started.

The beginning shows the teenage brothers at home pining over the fact that they can’t afford to keep their house because the rich b***h in the town is going to buy everyone out to build a lame golf course. In a town where it rains. A lot. Idiot…The friends of the younger brother show up, wreak havoc in the house and discover a map in the attic. What to do?? Of course, you can guess, they go in search of it, to save the “Goondocks”. Who wouldn’t want to stay with their best friends in a neat town?? They ditch older brother, run out to find treasure, and then big brother finds them. Joined by 2 girls, chased by criminals, this whole movie is a riot from start to finish. I find myself, even after all these years, still cheering through the film, cursing the baddies, hoping against hope that they find the treasure to save the town. I love this movie. Plus, the “truffle shuffle” kills me every time….

I’m not against cartoons either. I love Disney movies, I sing along with them, and still cry at the end of most of them. My favorite is Beauty and the Beast, followed closely by Tangled and The Little Mermaid. How can you not like a chameleon and a crab?? They are just so cute…

I don’t mind scary movies, but I have to be in the mood. I prefer the fantasy types, the based on books kind, i.e. Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter.

I plan to watch more movies as they come out on cable, since it’s hard to find time to go to a theater. Although, at some point, I have to make it to my local one, they serve full meals with the movie…not just popcorn and pretzels. Yeah, I gotta try that.

Gandalf just saved Theoden from Saruman, and Eowyn is crying from happiness. I’m off to watch the rest of this flick…again.


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