Olympics…GO USA!!!

I am a HUGE Olympics fan. When they are on, I do nothing and watch nothing but that. Unless Big Brother is on, but that’s a different story for a different day. Right now, we are watching women’s trampoline. Earlier was men’s basketball. Later is Track & Field. So excited…

I honestly can’t tell you when I got interested in the Olympics. I knew my whole life I’d never get to be IN them, but that will never stop me from watching them. I watch the medal counts, the ceremonies, and as many competitions I can find on the television. I cry when the USA wins gold. I’m excited when we win ANY medal, but gold is the most precious. I’m also a sucker for the stories of athletes and hard-luck stories.

I cry when watching the opening and closing ceremonies. The way the different countries present the stories is very emotional to me. This year, the one that got me the most was when the ring was being forged in the middle of the arena, it raised up and was joined by 4 other rings floating in from 4 different directions. It was beautiful. In Bejing, just the synchronization of all those people beating the drums got to me, plus the display with the people inside the boxes, raising and lowering them and the people popped out at the end and waved to the crowd. It was beautiful.

The 2 different Olympics are Winter and Summer. This year is Summer, track & field, gymnastics, swimming, diving, bicycle racing, archery, shooting, judo, ect. In 2 years it will be the Winter ones in Sochi, Russia. Winter, skiing, figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding, CURLING!!!!!!! I don’t know why, but that has become my favorite winter olympic sport. I was going to actually try to organize some of us into a co-ed curling team…just try to find somewhere around here to play. It’s a bit like bowling, only using a giant marble with a handle, flat on the bottom, and aiming it at a circle like shuffleboard. Just the slightest twist of the handle on release will make the stone “curl” into position. The others on the team have little scrubber brooms and sweep the ice smooth to make the stone go a bit faster, or not sweep to slow it down. I really want to be on a curling team…it is not restrictive to the young and fit. ANYONE can do it. Major appeal there…

Oops, ran a bit over on this one…gotta go watch the end of the trampoline……..


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