Big Brother 14

I am a HUGE Big Brother fan. There is no other way to say it. I watch the show 3 times a week, and watch the Showtime show, Big Brother After Dark, 7 days a week. I record it to watch it when I’m actually awake. My dream is to one day get on that show. Everyone needs a dream…

This season, they brought back four former players to be coaches. Dan, Britney, Janelle and Mike Boogie. A few weeks went by, and houseguests were evicted. Next thing you know, the coaches are given the chance to enter the game as players. 3 of the 4 coaches hit the button to enter, so they ALL had to enter. First eviction of a former coach was Janelle. I think that was good, I never cared for her gameplay. It’s one thing to twist someone’s words around a little to make them a target, but she made up blatant lies and got her former players to do the same. She was caught in her web and sent home. Good thing. I could never play a game like that. Personally, I’m rooting for Britney or Ian.

I have watched almost every season, with the exception of a few in the beginning. I watched the first 2-3, missed a few, then watched again. I don’t know why I missed those few seasons, but I got back into it. I had the online access to watch the live feeds 24/7, when it was still free. Now they charge. Blah. But I also go to see a website called Jokers Updates. Search it out, they are awesome. Or click here: if it shows as a hyperlink. If not, just copy and paste. They give you details from the people that watch the live feeds. So if you miss something, you can go back and look to see what happened. What you see on the show 3 days a week is NOTHING compared to what actually goes on in the house. Makes me wonder if those people at Jokers get paid for watching all the time…

I have a while to watch before I have to leave for work, and I hope I get the whole thing in before my shower, but there are no guarantees in life, so I will leave you with one final comment…


GO IAN AND BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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