Highlands, NJ

It has been over 2 weeks since Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast. By this time, homes are being rebuilt, businesses are being re-opened, and lives are starting over. Many towns were utterly decimated. Seaside Heights boardwalk is destroyed. Sandy Hook lives up to its name and is covered in sand. Many houses and buildings can’t be fixed and will be torn down. This sadness is overwhelming.

They will rebuild.

The people of the east coast towns are brave and strong. They have weathered this storm, along with many before, and many in the future. Their hopes will not be destroyed like so many homes. Their lives will be changed, no doubt, but they are stronger for it.

They will rebuild.

So many places have opened their space for people to stay until power was restored. Some places still may not have power. In these desperate times, they depend on the charity of others. And many places and people have stepped up to offer that charity. They have hope again, because they know they can never give up. They are the people that I look up to. They are brave and strong and will keep going even when hope seems lost. They find it just around the corner, from the store that gives them milk and bread, to the shops that offer batteries for flashlights, or a power strip to charge a much needed cell phone so they can contact relatives to say they are OK. To the people that share space in their homes so that others have a place to lay their heads for the night. To the police, fire and rescue that help people evacuate when the time draws near.